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Name: Germain
About Germain:Germain is a senior in Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in Biomaterials. He is an instructor for: Group Fitness, the American Red Cross, and the NASM Certified Personal Training Course as well as the UREC Program Assistant for Personal Training.

His passion for exercise began with soccer at a young age playing competitively up until his junior year of high school. During a game he tore his meniscus and subsequently underwent surgery to continue playing. Due to cartilage degeneration in his knee, he later received a cadaver meniscus transplant. Facing this hardship sparked his passion for the medical field. As a result, Germain obtained his personal training certification during his freshman year of college and has been working with clients since then to guide them to achieving their fitness goals. His belief is that personal wellness is an investment of both heart and time and with the right mindset and proper guidance, goals become attainable. His training style focuses on exercise form, giving clients the knowledge to become successful in the gym independently and through client tailored exercise programs.

Germain now plans to graduate with his B.S. in Materials Science Engineering and attend medical school in hopes of one day becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Certifications and Awards
  • NCSF: Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Systems: FMS Level 1
  • American Red Cross Instructor (First-Aid/CPR/AED)
  • American Red Cross: First-Aid/CPR/AED Adult, Child & Infant
  • AFFA: Primary Group Exercise
  • John F. Miller: Nominee (2015)
  • Personal Trainer of the Year (2014)
  • Rookie of the Year (2013)

Name: Micaela
About Micaela:

Micaela is a sophomore double majoring in Nutrition Science and Food Science. In addition to being an ACE-certified personal trainer with a CPR/AED certification, Micaela works with the 4-H Department through NC State to promote healthy lifestyles throughout the community. Micaela has led an active life from a very young age. Her gymnastics career lasted 10 years allowing her to compete as a level nine gymnast. Following gymnastics, she cheered all four years of high school and senior year was captain of her cheerleading team.

Since high school, Micaela has become an avid lover of the gym. She enjoys changing her workouts to make them fun and exciting and to be continually motivated to stay active. She believes that health is the foundation upon which we build our lives, and that staying active is one key to building a strong foundation. For this reason she designs workouts for her clients to improve their everyday activities. Her desire to be a personal trainer stems from her want to see others succeed in all aspects of their life in response to living a healthy life. No matter the goals of the client, one goal for Micaela as a personal trainer is that all of her clients leave their session feeling motivated and accomplished.

Name: Jeffrey
About Jeffrey:

Jeffery is currently a Junior majoring in Psychology with a minor Cognitive Science. Along with personal training, he is also a Strength and Conditioning assistant for University Recreation. Jeffery earned his personal trainer’s certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is First Aid/CPR certified through the American Red Cross. He plans on earning a Fitness Nutrition specialization to increase his knowledge of healthy living. Along with training, Jeffery is also a photographer for a clothing boutique located in Fayetteville, NC.

Throughout life, Jeffery constantly involves himself in athletics or some type of physically demanding program. From basketball and bowling in high school, to Division I cheerleading and Air Force ROTC in college; Jeffery has seemingly done it all. He believes that exercising and eating healthy is not a seasonal task, it is a lifestyle.

Jeffery became a personal trainer for various reasons. Not only does he have a passion for fitness, but he also loves improving the lives of others. Investing in other people lives brings joy to Jeffery because he appreciates helping people reach their goals.

Upon graduation, Jeffery aspires to earn his graduate degree at North Carolina State in Human Factors and Ergonomics and someday become a UX/UI designer.


Name: Stephanie
About Stephanie:

Stephanie is a senior majoring in Nutrition Science with minors in Biology and Sports Science. In addition to Personal Training, Stephanie is an Event Supervisor at University Recreation. In high school, Stephanie played soccer and volleyball, and was the captain of both teams senior year. She began consistently working out after going through physical therapy for different injuries throughout high school. Her experience as a patient in physical therapy gave her a strong background in understanding how the human body works and how big of a role proper exercise plays in preventing injuries.

Being without school sports and daily practices in college, Stephanie realized the value of self-motivation and a regular workout routine. Her determination has allowed her to experience the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle and wants to share that with others. Stephanie became certified as a Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in order to encourage others to reach their potentials. She hopes to combine her interest in fitness and nutrition for a career and is planning to a Fitness Nutrition Specialization certification.


Name: Olga
About Olga:

Olga is a graduate student in the Human Factors and Applied Cognition Program. Before coming to NC State, she completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Olga regularly attends group exercise classes such as H.I.I.T, TRX, Cycling, and Abs Solutions. After sitting in the office and classrooms all day, she enjoys exercise as a way to release stress and maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

In addition to group exercise classes, Olga also participates in the YMCA Run Club. She is currently registered for several races and is training to participate in her first half-marathon.

Olga is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and by the American Red Cross in CPR, AED, and First Aid. Olga decided to become a personal trainer to learn more about the body during exercise and effective exercise modifications to get more out of her group exercise classes. She also has a passion in motivating and coaching others to make the most out of their exercises.


Name: Meredith
About Meredith:Meredith, a senior studying Nutrition Science, is from southeastern coastal North Carolina. She enjoyed playing soccer, baseball, and dance since age 5 but she eventually focused on soccer, playing varsity all four years of high school. She also joined other club teams throughout the years enabling her to play nearly year round at higher levels, including multi-state USYS Region 3. Additionally, she found a love for SCUBA, being certified since the age of 13 and having since dove many wrecks and reefs off the NC and Florida coastal waters. Meredith’s interest for fitness and nutrition sparked in high school, but it was not until battling a more sedentary college lifestyle that she began to further educate herself on proper nutrition, weight, and physical activity. Her passion for weightlifting eventually resulted in Meredith becoming a NASM Certified Personal Trainer including First Aid and CPR certifications.

Achieving her own fitness goals has been an ongoing series of life-learning experiences including miss-steps along the way. From these, she learned that success is not obtained in one single step, but rather comes via many smaller steps along the journey. Strength begins by overcoming obstacles and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. Drawing upon her own personal knowledge and lessons learned, Meredith is passionate in her desire to help others achieve their individual physical fitness goals in a realistic, planned, systematic journey.

After completing her senior year in Nutritional Science, Meredith plans to pursue her Masters in Nutrition, as well as become a Registered Dietician.

Name: Pete
About Pete:Pete is currently a junior majoring in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Physics, looking to enter the cancer detection and treatment field upon graduation. During high school Pete played goalkeeper for his soccer team, and in college played D-2 Rugby at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Pete incorporates a wide variety of sports into his life, and brings that philosophy into his workouts by never doing the same workout twice. Pete is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified.

Pete’s fitness and wellness lifestyle has been a long and ongoing journey. Beginning in high school, it became very apparent how important nutrition is to becoming a more active individual. After committing to a healthy and more active lifestyle, Pete began to see changes in his body that became addicting. Pete’s desire to be a Personal Trainer stems from the joy he has experienced from living a healthy lifestyle, and hopes to inspire, educate, and motivate others to make beneficial changes in their lives.

Name: Christina
About Christina:Christina is currently working on her last year as a Physiology Master's student. Throughout her undergraduate degree she trained to attend Officer Candidate School to become a Marine Officer. Unfortunately, due to a couple knee injuries during the course she was forced to change her career goals, but has discovered a new passion. After her Master's degree, she plans on attending Physical Therapy school to get her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Christina also has a passion for running and swimming.

Christina wants to help clients learn how to better themselves, to hopefully avoid injuries like she had, and have a happier life. Her favorite part is exercising outside and enjoying the fresh air as a break from the day.

  • NASM PT certification
  • American Red Cross CPR/ AED/ O2 Admin/ First Aid for the professional responder

Name: Francis
About Francis:Francis is a second year graduate student studying Biomathematics with a concentration in physiological modelling.

His first love is, and always will be soccer. In high school, he competed in both soccer and football which lead him to begin weight training during the winters and summers. After graduating, he went on to Hampden Sydney College in Farmville, Virginia. After attempting to walk-on the varsity soccer team, he fell short. As a result, his exercise focus began to heavily favor bodybuilding. After graduating from college, he competed in men’s physique and is still in pursuit of his ‘ideal physique’. His philosophy in regards to health and wellness is that a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, and a healthy, knowledgeable relationship with food that is enjoyable (sustainable) is best for a fit lifestyle. The style of training Francis has adopted is somewhat old school. He focuses on large compound lifts using various forms of progressive overload adding fun isolations as secondary movements. He believes in a simple effective routine with exercise choices based on his clients’ preferences to promote both an enjoyable workout and confidence in the gym. Rather than have a client copy and paste workouts found online or in magazines, Francis tries to give some insight into the thought process of exercise programming with the end goal that a client will one day be able to customize their own routine.

Francis plans to earn his graduate degree and work in an industrial research position.

  • AFFA: Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Red Cross: First-Aid/CPR/AED

Name: Josh
About Josh:Josh is a senior, majoring in Nutrition Sciences. In addition to a NASM personal training certificate, Josh is also CPR certified. In high School, Josh was a 6 time letterman, serving 4 years as a varsity wrestler, and two in varsity football. Josh is an active participant in the Crossfit and fitness communities, and finds great pleasure in motivating and inspiring others to achieve their goals.

Following a successful high school wrestling career, Josh returned to the mats to act as an assistant coach focusing on heavyweight wrestling for two high schools in the Charlotte area. Josh is well known in the local professional wrestling circuit, holding many local wrestling championships.

Name: Amanda
About Amanda:Amanda is a senior in Animal Science with aspirations of attending veterinary school after graduation. Throughout high school, Amanda participated in both soccer and track. She also took martial arts lessons for 10 years, earning her a second-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Prior to arriving at NC State, she did not know much about fitness, but as she began attending the group fitness classes and began meeting the various workers at University Recreation, her interest was sparked and she became determined to learn as much about fitness as possible. Amanda is now a certified personal trainer through NASM and is more passionate about fitness than ever before.

Amanda believes that everyone has the potential to reach their fitness goals. She feels that with the right attitude and motivation, anyone can take the leap and begin working on their happy and healthy lifestyle. It is for that reason that she began personal training. Amanda wants to be able to help people reach their full potential and achieve things they never thought to be possible. She wants all of her clients to leave sessions feeling confident in their fitness journey and motivated to keep progressing.

Name: Austin
About Austin:Austin is a junior at NC State majoring in Biological Sciences. He ran cross-country in high school and swam competitively from age 10 through high school. He started lifting weights in college and has enjoyed it greatly, adding another component to his fitness. He now wishes to help others reach their fitness goals through a combination of strength training and cardiovascular endurance.

When Austin graduated high school he was 140 pounds and 5 foot 11 inches, always being the skinniest kid in school. After several years of weight training and proper diet in college he is now 170 pounds with an ideal body fat percentage. Self-confidence is a big factor when smaller people want to lift weights and gain muscle. Austin wants to show smaller guys that it is possible to gain muscle mass through proper training while still incorporating cardio to keep their body healthy.

Austin is not strictly devoted to weights as he also enjoys calisthenics, as well as gymnastic style movements and is on the road to performing a one-arm pull up. Austin is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Strength and Conditioning Assistant for University Recreation at NC State.

Name: Haley
About Haley:Haley, a senior majoring in Biochemistry, is from the mountains of western North Carolina. In high school, Haley ran cross country, as well as track and field. She fell in love with running, and it became a way of life for her that she still enjoys today. It was during her years as a distance runner in which she was first introduced to the weight room. The empowering feeling she received from lifting weights prompted her to pursue strength training further in college.

Haley believes that strength of the mind and body go hand in hand, and that everyone can benefit from becoming more knowledgeable about fitness. She uses her workouts as an everyday means to relieve stress and clear her mind. She would like to inspire others to achieve their best self and instill in them a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle. By setting goals and with proper motivation, she believes anyone can achieve this. For this reason she decided to become certified as a Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She would like her clients to leave sessions feeling both mentally and physically stronger, and to aid them in realizing they are in control of changing their bodies as well as their mindset.

Name: Katlin
About Katlin:Katlin is a senior in Parks Recreation and Tourism Management with a concentration in Program Management.

She holds certifications in the following:
  • CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer
  • TRX® Group Fitness Training
  • USA Gymnastics® Safety Certification
  • USA Gymnastics® Professional Coaching Certification
  • NASM® Personal Training Certification
  • CPR/AED/First Aid certified through American Red Cross
Katlin has been involved in fitness since the young age of four. She was a competitive gymnast for 15 years and was rewarded several prominent titles while involved in the sport.

Gymnastics Awards Include:

  • 11 time State Champion
  • Regional Qualifier years 2004-2012
  • National Team Member at 2009 Junior Olympics
  • Full Scholarship to Kent State University

Although Katlin received a full scholarship to Kent State, after completion of her freshman year, she decided to return to NC to be closer to home. She is still involved in the sport today by coaching a Competitive Gymnastics team at a local facility in Raleigh. There she helps young athletes reach their full potential in the sport through skill progression and intense conditioning.

Since retiring from the sport of Gymnastics, Katlin has pursued the sport of CrossFit. Upon training for 4 months in the sport, she managed to place 61st in her region out of tens of thousands of participants. She continues to train in hopes of qualifying by placing in the top 20 in the Mid Atlantic for regionals in year 2016. She now coaches and trains at 12th State CrossFit, a local box in Raleigh.

Katlin has experience in Power Lifting, Olympic lifting, Gymnastics/Bodyweight training as well as endurance training. She believes that intrinsic motivation is the key to success in fitness. Weight loss, PR’s and overall fitness is just a side effect of doing something you truly enjoy. She hopes to help all clients find that intrinsic motivation that will push them to reach their full potential.


Name: Kendall
About Kendall:Kendall has an unmatched passion for physical fitness and healthy living. As a junior at NC State majoring in Food Science with a minor in Agricultural Business Management, she has further developed these passions in an enriching collegiate environment. Her passion for fitness led her to work for University Recreation since her sophomore year. She has since become a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM®) certified personal trainer, and also works as a Strength and Conditioning Assistant. In addition to working for University Recreation, she spends a great deal of her time working out there because of the fun and motivating atmosphere it provides.

Starting at the young age of 4, Kendall discovered her passion for the arts through dancing. She has continued this active lifestyle ever since. Kendall competitively danced for 14 years and placed at many national level dance competitions and received numerous awards and recognitions.

Upon attending NC State, Kendall was a dancer on the 2013-2014 NC State Dance Team. After spending a year on the dance team, Kendall realized her new found passion: weight training. At NC State, she discovered a whole new world when she was introduced to the weight room. Her love for exercising and lifting emerged from attending group fitness classes and only progressed from there.

With a very technical background in dance, Kendall has a great understanding of proper form and the body's mechanics, allowing her to provide every client with safe, effective, and customized workouts. Kendall is passionate about sharing her love for fitness and helping people achieve their own personal fitness goals.

Name: Zach
About Zach:Zachary is currently a Junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sports Science. In addition to Personal Training, he is also a Strength & Conditioning assistant for University Recreation. Zachary earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is First Aid/CPR certified through the American Red Cross. He plans to pursue graduate school and specialize in Sports Psychology as a way to apply his expertise even further down the road.

Zachary has always enjoyed being active and involved in sports, and now as a personal trainer he has found a way to give back and help promote living a healthier lifestyle. His passion and dedication are what motivate him both in and outside of the gym. Throughout high school Zachary was a member of the wrestling team all four years and was also a team captain his senior year. In addition, he was the Class President of his high school. After high school, Zach still needed a way to express his interest in fitness and that is when he found his long lost love, the gym.

He believes strongly in living a healthy lifestyle and decided to be a personal trainer with the hope to reach out to anyone with even the slightest interest in fitness and wellness. He enjoys helping others achieve their goals and bettering themsleves in anyway he can.

Name: Dallas
About Dallas:Dallas is a current sophomore majoring in Biochemistry and planning to graduate one year early. With this degree, he hopes to move onto Medical School to pursue his interest in Orthopedics and other fields of study. Dallas has always had a heart for sports which would later turn into a love for fitness. He played football, basketball, and golf during his high school career. Due to a couple of injuries, he decided to hang up the cleats and focus on weightlifting.Taking the powerlifting and heavy compound movements that he had loved when training for football, he formed his own kind of “powerbuilding” routine: mixing powerlifts with a traditional bodybuilding routine.Dallas knows that without the guidance of his father and strength coach in high school, he would have felt lost in a gym. He knows that although fitness may be one’s own health, it is a team effort and cannot

be accomplished without the help of others. Dallas desires to offer the same help and guidance that he was given throughout his fitness journey. Certifications:
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid

Name: Chris
About Chris:Christopher Gottberg is a freshman in Statistics with dreams of doing analysis of statistics in the sports industry. While in high school, Christopher had a passion for soccer and was a captain of the soccer team for three seasons. While in his senior year he was awarded the Tom Suitor Extra Effort award. Christopher is an Eagle Scout and has had a passion for exercising since his sophomore year in high school. After talking to the Assistant Director of the Fitness Program at an employment fair, Christopher realized personal training at NC State was a perfect fit. Christopher is now a certified personal trainer through NASM and has built on the passion for working out even more.

Christopher believes everyone can reach their fitness dreams. He feels by convincing yourself that the goal is worth the temporary struggle anyone can become healthier and more enthusiastic in their everyday lives. Christopher wants to help anyone that has a fitness goal that seems just out of reach and then start another journey that comes after that goal is reached. He wants every client to feel confident about their goals and keep clients motivated and focused while on the journey.