This is not meant to be an exhaustive resource of information on Intramural Sports guidelines; team captains and other participants are encouraged to review the Participant’s Guide for complete details on Intramural Sports guidelines.

What are Intramural Sports?
Intramural Sports are composed of team sports, individual/dual sports, and special events that are designed to provide organized recreational participation. Intramural Sports programs are intracollegiate, i.e., all participants are affiliated with NC State (in contrast with the Club Sports program, in which some clubs are competitive intercollegiately).
What leagues of play are offered?
Currently, the Intramural Sports program offers Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec, and Open divisions. Co-Rec divisions require specific numbers of each gender on a team. Open divisions have no gender restrictions. Specific league offerings vary by sport and event.

The types of leagues offered are:

  • Men’s Competitive
  • Men’s Recreational
  • Co-Rec Competitive
  • Co-Rec Recreational
  • Women’s
  • Fraternity
  • Sorority
  • Graduate/Faculty/Staff (Open)
  • Open

For many sports, both Competitive and Recreational leagues are offered in the Men’s and Co-Rec divisions.

What is the difference between Competitive and Recreational leagues?
Intramural Sports offers both Competitive and Recreational leagues for many sports. Competitive leagues offer a regular season followed by a single-elimination tournament for qualifying teams. Recreational leagues offer a longer regular season with no postseason tournament. All leagues are considered Competitive unless they are specified as a Recreational league (i.e. Fraternity and Women’s leagues are always Competitive leagues).
How many teams can I play on?
Participants may participate on one single-gender team and one Co-Rec team in the same sport. In individual/dual sports, participants may play in both the singles league and on one doubles team. For example, a male student may participate on both a Men’s Competitive flag football team and a Co-Rec Recreational flag football team, but a female participant could not participate on a Women’s team and a Sorority team.
What if I want to switch teams?
Once a player has been added to a team roster on IMLeagues, they may not change teams.
How do I register a team?
To register a team, the team captain creates their team on using the following steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the Create/Join Team button at the top right of your user homepage OR click on the NC State University link to go to your school’s homepage on
  • The current sports will be displayed; click on the league/division you wish to play
  • Click the orange create team button and follow the instructions.
  • The captain must pass the online captain’s quiz prior to completing the team creation. The quiz will cover responsibilities of the captain, as well as rules for the sport.
  • Once you create your team, invite members to join by clicking the invite member’s link on the team page. Any invited member must accept the initiation to be joined on your team.
  • Team must have a minimum number of participants in order to move team from the Waitlist into a division
What if I don’t have anyone to play with?
The Intramural Sports program does not place individuals directly on teams. Free Agent meetings are held during the registration periods to help participants find teams. Participants can also sign up as a Free Agent on IMLeagues. Remember that teams can add players to their roster up until the end of the regular season; many players have been picked up by teams simply by going out to the fields or courts and asking around.
How do I sign up to play an individual/dual sport?
Registration is completed online utilizing IMLeagues. Individuals sign themselves or their doubles team up in the same process as a team sport.
Where are schedules posted?
All schedules are posted online. These schedules can be accessed using IMLeagues and should be checked regularly.
Where are games played?
Most outdoor team sports are played on Miller Fields, behind Carmichael Gymnasium. Most indoor team sports are played on basketball courts 3-8, located in Carmichael Gym. IMLeagues will specify the location and court/field number of each game.
It’s the day of my game, but we’re playing outdoors and it’s raining where I live. Are the games still on?
Never assume that games are cancelled due to inclement weather. Information about the status of Miller Fields can be obtained by calling the University Recreation office at 919-515-7529. The line is updated daily Monday-Friday at 3:00 pm, and Sunday at 1:00 pm. Please listen to the time stamp on the voice message carefully to determine if the information on the line is current. If Miller Fields are closed as of the 3:00 pm (or 1:00 pm Sunday) update, outdoor activities for that evening are canceled.
Games are on and it’s game day. What should I do?
First, one representative of your team should head to the Equipment Room (located on the first floor of Carmichael Gym) to check out the necessary equipment. Once you have your equipment, you should report to your game site at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. All players must present their Wolfpack One cards to the scorekeeper on their field in order to play. If you’re not sure which field you play on, seek out the Competitive Sports Supervisor on duty at each game site to find out.
The season has already started, but I have someone that wants to join my team. Are they still allowed?
Players may be added to teams at any time during the season. There are several ways to add a player to your team:

  • Online: As the team captain, you can access IMLeagues to input your roster prior to the beginning of the season to make changes to your roster.
  • In person at the game site: Each team can make unlimited roster additions at the game site. Players must be present to be added to the roster at the site.
Can I play Intramural Sports over the summer?
Yes. You must have a current summer membership to Carmichael Complex by purchasing one at the Member Services Suite or be currently enrolled in summer sessions 1 and 2. If not currently enrolled in the summer, the student must have been enrolled in the previous Spring semester and currently registered for the upcoming Fall semester to purchase a membership.
Intramural Sports Playoff Reschedule Requests
For quarterfinal, semifinal, and championship games, team captains will have the opportunity to fill out a Playoff Reschedule Request Form. These forms must be submitted to the appropriate Competitive Sports staff member at least 48 hours prior to their scheduled game. Forms for Sunday games must be submitted by Thursday at 5 p.m. The Competitive Sports staff will do their best to honor the requests, but it is not guaranteed that the conflicts can be avoided. However, due to facility space and time limitations, playoff games through the Round of 16 will not be rescheduled.
To submit a reschedule request, please click HERE.
Who is eligible to play Intramural Sports?
To be eligible to participate in Intramural Sports, participants must fall into once of the following categories of students of faculty/staff:

  • Students: anyone who is currently enrolled at NC State, holds a valid NC State Wolfpack One Card and pays the Recreational Sports Fee through the University Cashier.
    • Students enrolled in non-credit courses and students taking correspondence courses are not regularly enrolled and are therefore ineligible for Intramural Sports participation. Anyone may contact the University Cashier’s Office, 919.515.2986, for questions regarding their university status.
    • Faculty and Staff: Faculty and Staff may include those who are employed as full-time permanent, part-time permanent or hold professional rank. Faculty and Staff may also include emeritus faculty, temporary professional staff, visiting faculty and staff, and Centennial Campus affiliates. A valid Wolfpack One Card and Carmichael Gym Membership are required to participate in Intramural Sports programming.