Locker Room renovation and Fitness Center expansion project.

Carmichael Complex Lockers

Beginning February 1, 2016, the first phase of the Carmichael Locker Room & Fitness Center Expansion Project will open. The first phase includes men’s and women’s locker room enhancements and new lockers.

Overnight lockers in the Women’s Locker Room will be available for rent beginning February 1, 2016. Women are invited to visit the Member Services Suite to select a locker starting January 25, 2016. Locker rental rates will be $5 per month or $60 per year. Faculty and staff may enroll in payroll deduction for this charge. Day-use lockers will also be available for your convenience.

Due to the high demand of men’s overnight lockers and the limited supply at the completion of phase one of the renovation, all men’s lockers will continue to be day-use only when the new locker room opens February 1, 2016. Overnight lockers in the Men’s Locker Room will be available for rent sometime after April 1, 2016. More information will be shared as we near project completion.

Z-style lockers are available to members for rental at a charge of $5 per month. ADA lockers are available upon request. Rentals may be made at Member Services in Carmichael Gym Room 1000.

Instructions for opening a Combination Lock
  1. Turn Right two or more whole turns and stop at First Number.
  2. Turn Left one whole turn past first number and stop at Second Number.
  3. Turn Right to the Third Number and continue turning right until dial stops, locker opens.
  4. Hold Dial and Pull on Dial to open door. Lock will automatically re-lock when door is closed.

Locker Rental Guidelines

Day-Use Locker Guidelines
  1. Day-use lockers are available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Members must remove all items in day-use lockers when they leave the facility or by the end of the day.
  2. Personal locks may not be left on day-use lockers overnight. All locks must be removed 15 minutes prior to facility closing.
  3. If day-use lockers are not emptied by closing each day, University Recreation staff will remove locks and all locker contents. Items will be kept in the Carmichael Complex Equipment Room Lost & Found for 14 days. After 14 days, all abandoned locker items will be no longer available. University Recreation is not responsible for locks cut off during this procedure.
Locker Rental Guidelines
  1. All locker rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lockers may be rented by current members and students only.
  2. It is the responsibility of the renter to be aware of expiration dates. An email will be sent prior to the locker expiration date as a reminder to complete your updated locker renewal at Member Services. All lockers must be renewed by the expiration date.
  3. Contents left in the lockers after expiration date will be removed and held at Member Services Suite for 14 days after the clean-out date.
  4. University Recreation is not responsible for the contents of the locker or disposal thereof. University Recreation is not responsible for the items inside the locker if the locker is left unsecured for any period of time.
  5. If your Carmichael Complex membership becomes invalid at any time during the rental period of the locker, the locker rental will also expire at that time. You will be contacted to come and pick up your locker contents. University Recreation staff will remove all items from the locker and you will lose the rights to that locker.
  6. Report any maintenance needs to the Carmichael Complex Equipment Room team.
  7. Please do not hang any items on the outside of the lockers.
  8. Please do not hang wet items inside the lockers. A suit dryer is available in each locker room for your convenience.