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The Equipment Rental Center is the main headquarters for Outdoor Adventures and for all of your outing needs. The Equipment Rental Center provides all of the essential outdoor equipment you would need for a day, weekend, or week long outdoor experience. Stop by to find out more information about any of the Outdoor Adventure’s programs like the Climbing Wall, Challenge Course, Trips Program, Wolfwheels, and Wolfpack Bound.

Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental Center is located on the first floor of the Carmichael Recreation Center. Hours of Operation can be found here.

Interested in checking out equipment? Review out Equipment List and Pricing List

Rental Guidelines:

How To Make A Reservation:

  • All reservations must be made in person by the individual renting the equipment.
  • Reservations are strongly encouraged to ensure availability of equipment, but are not required.
  • All reserved equipment must be picked up 30 minutes before close; equipment not picked up 30 minutes before close will be made available for other patrons to rent.
  • The individual who reserved the equipment must be the one to pick up and pay for the equipment.
  • Reservations may be made up to a maximum of 14 days in advance.

Boats (Canoes & Kayaks)

  • Please reserve boats a minimum of 24 hours in advance, and pick up/return all boats by 4:30 p.m. (Summer) 5:30 p.m. (Fall and Spring) in consideration of other patrons. Boats take longer to prepare and load, so reserving them in advance and picking them up/returning them by 4:30 p.m. (Summer) 5:30 p.m. (Fall and Spring) helps the Outdoor Adventures staff and speeds up the rental process for yourself and others trying to rent equipment.
  • The renter is solely responsible for the loading/unloading of canoe(s) and kayak(s) onto or in their vehicle or trailer. Outdoor Adventures provides an information sheet with proper instructions for strapping a boat to your vehicle.
Boat Rental Comparison

Look below for guides on how to use our gear:

Cancellations: Please cancel reservations 24 hours in advance in consideration of other patrons.

Equipment Return

  • Return equipment to Outdoor Adventures only during business hours
  • Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before closing time
  • Please allow approximately 15 minutes to check your equipment back in
  • Equipment does not need to be returned by the renter, other individuals may return the equipment
  • Payment can be made in Cash, Checks (made out to NC State University), or Credit/Debit Card. We accept Visa & MasterCard only.


Rental Equipment Guidelines

  • To rent equipment you must be a valid NC State student, faculty, or staff, or household member
  • Must have a valid gym membership and present Wolfpack One Card when renting or reserving equipment
  • Patrons may rent up to four of each type of item (ex: four tents, four sleeping bags, etc.) Canoes and Kayaks are limited to two per person
  • Items can be rented for a maximum of two weeks. For longer durations, contact Outdoor Adventures prior to your trip. Some accommodations may be approved
  • All equipment listed on the renters receipt is due in the same condition as issued by 5 pm (Summer) 6 pm (Fall & Spring) on the due date
  • All equipment must be returned during regular operating hours and in person. Any equipment returned or left at the rental counter during non-operating hours will not be returned and late fees will accumulate until the equipment is returned in person and during operating hours.


Discounts will not be given for breaks or holiday rentals, except for Spring Break (Spring Break discounted prices will be posted prior to the break)

Late Charge

All late equipment will be charged as follows and due upon the return of the equipment.

Late Charges = Daily Rental Rate x Number of Days Late (Up to 30 days)

Items not returned after 30 days – Renter is responsible for the late charge and the replacement charge

Cleaning Charges

  • Returned items are expected to be reasonably clean and dry
  • Do not wash sleeping bags or tents
  • A cleaning charge of $5, $10, or $15 per item will be assessed for equipment requiring cleaning. For Example: a $5 charge may be the cleaning of a pot, a $10 charge may be spot cleaning a tent, and a $15 charge may be a tent/sleeping bag that is excessively soiled and requires machine laundering
  • Outdoor Adventures staff will assess the extent of the damage to the equipment and will determine the amount of the cleaning charge

Replacement/Damaged Charges

Renters are responsible for the full replacement cost of all equipment not returned, damaged, lost, or stolen

Group Rentals

  • Group rentals are allowed and will be dealt with on an individual basis*
  • Group Rental Form must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the date the equipment is needed
  • Please submit Group Rental Agreement to Outdoor Adventure Rental Center during regular operation hours or email
  • Group rentals must be paid for using an Inter Departmental Transfer (IDT) account
  • IDT will be processed after all rental gear has been returned and assessed for additional late, cleaning and/or damage charges.
  • Groups must have current NC State University FAS and OUC numbers.

Group Rental Agreement