WolfWheels – “QuadBikes” is a residential bikeshare pilot program in the Honors Village living and learning community for the 2013-2014 academic year.

A bikeshare is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared used to individuals on a very short-term basis and is free of charge.

NC State currently has a bike rental program known as WolfWheels which lets users rent bikes for daily, weekly, or semesterly use, for a fee.

How it got started

A group of students saw that the current bike-model on campus had a few inconveniences that discouraged students from using WolfWheels to its fullest potential – location and cost. Students’ initial intent was to improve the current programs. However, they were strongly encouraged by University staff to make their improvements a reality. After planning and meeting for most of last year, WolfWheels – QuadBikes, is the culmination of a yearlong collaborative effort between NCSU Transportation, University Housing – East Campus, Sustainability Office, University Recreation – WolfWheels, Quad Sustainability.

WolfWheels – “QuadBikes” looks to encourage students to ride bicycles on campus more not only to exercise, but as a means of leisure and utilitarian use. The idea of having free, and ready-to-use bikes at the footsteps of where students stay (residence halls) is not new per se, but it is still relatively innovative in the sense that it is not common among college campuses nationwide. We firmly believe that having bicycles at residence halls, the place we call home away from home, not only addresses one of the primary concerns – location – but, is the next step in becoming an even “friendlier” bicycle university, and “greener” campus. We hope you do too!

Who is it for?

For the duration of this pilot program, only residents of the Quad (which include Becton Hall, Berry Hall, and Bagwell Hall) are able to use the program and complete registration. While we would like to try this program campus-wide, or even at other residence halls, we first need to collect data and address any inconveniences as they arise, and also, make sure that this is truly something students want.

How it works

Anybody who lives in the Quad and wants to be a part of the program must first attend a Bike Share information and Safety workshop (offered twice a month in conjunction with Quad Sustainability and WolfWheels) and fill out all necessary paperwork. Afterwhich, residents will be given a card that demonstrates that he/her has has attended the workshop and filled out all necessary paperwork. Now, whenever residents wish to check out a bike (at anytime the 24 hr service desk in the HVC is open), all they have to do is show staff members at the 24 hr desk their student id and the card they received at the workshop and they can request to check out a bike and helmet for a five hour period, which can be renewed.

Want to be involved?

If you have any comments, concerns, want more information about WolfWheels – QuadBikes, or would like to get involved. Feel free to contact the Co-chairs of the project, or the following staff members:

David Crye (dncrye@ncsu.edu)
University Recreation, Assistant Director Outdoor Adventures

Brian Peters (bapeters@ncsu.edu)
University Housing & University Honors Program, Community Director Honors Village

Michael Ousdahl (msousdah@ncsu.edu)
NCSU Transportation, Transportation Planner

Carlos Francisco Vega (cfvega@ncsu.edu)
Former Resident Advisor in the Honors Village and Quad Sustainability Committee Chair; current QuadBikes Pilot Project Co-Chair

Brian Iezzi (bciezzi@ncsu.edu)
Current Resident Advisor in the Honors Village and Quad Sustainability Committee Co-chair; current QuadBikes Pilot Project Co-Chair